Follow animals jeep tour Negev Desert, Israel
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Negev Desert Safari Jeep Tours


What is  interesting in this tour?
A chance to encounter wild desert life. If you walk in the Negev Desert during the day it seems that there is no life around you. But at night suddenly the desert awakes, it is full of life…

Information about the tour
The gerbil is constantly watching for his predators: the majestic owl or a desert fox. The beetles and the lizards or the snakes will vouch that the dressed hedgehog is constantly looking for them. At night the bats are diving in the darkness looking for their delicious dinner: the tasty moth. And the Ibex even while resting , is on the lookout, he knows that his life would be somewhat boring without the majestic leopard around. And what do you think the leopard is doing? Even he is on a watch for the  striped hyenas. Wouldn't you like to see it all?
Tour details
We can't promise you that we be able to see all the desert animals but we do try! This is 3 hours jeep tour at night and a great way to explore the desert life . Its a real excitement for all ages. We leave  from the area of Sde Boker  .