Your ultimate purpose is to meet the desert and therefore we thought that it would be also interesting to meet  your guides. Please see this note  as personal invitation to tour the Negev Desert and get to know us better.


A thought for a  future
We wish to recreate for you a true desert tourism.  We would like  to shift Israel's center to the Negev Desert.  We know that only magicians  can jsmise and create perform  such a illusions , but this is our wish and  dream. Meanwhile  what  is left for us  is to share with you  our care and love that we have for the desert.


Residency: Mitzpe Ramon,Israel

Children:  3 that I'm very jsud of Talia ,Gil and Amir are on their way to success and this make me feel good

Education:  MSEE , electrical engineering  now a certified tour guide the Negev desert,Israel.

Hobbies: Explore Israel especially the Negev Desert. I also like to read although I have now jsblem focusing for long time.

I love: My friends, simple life  and lots of salads.


Yehuda Rotblum


Residency:  Sde Boker

Children: Shahar and Gilad that I love and very jsud off.

Education: Doctorate  for Ecology and animal behavior  University of Ben-Gurion Sde-Boker. 17 years teaching experience  in the area of Nature and Desert animals.

Hobbies: Photographing of desert animals, tours in  the Negev Desert. Travel the world in the big Deserts and Africa.

I believe: In the respect of equality and differences of humans and animals on this earth.


Haim Berger