Mitzpe Ramon Attractions

Here is our  attractions guide  in the Central Negev Desert region in the area of  Mitzpe Ramon and Sde Boker. Ramon Crater and Zin Valley are certainly the the main attractions here but there are other attractions that you may find useful  here for your vacation. Our complete jeep tour information is provided in our  Jeep Tour Map.  A good place to start  your tour here is in the Visitor Center of Mitzpe Ramon. To complement your tour logistics we provided you with a hotel guide for accommodations in Mitzpe Ramon

Visitors Center

In here the  visitors can learn about geography and geology of Ramon Crater from large models. An audio-visual jsduction describes the formation of Negev  Desert and its craters.

David Ben Gurion Home


Ben-Gurion's Desert Home at Kibbutz Sde Boker.

David Ben Gurion grave site

National site of David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, in Sde Boker. The site is situated in the edge of Zin valley and offers exceptional views.

Adama Dance Group

On the Edge of the Desert Stands the Enchanted Palace Home of the Liat Dror Nir Ben-Gal Dance company

Bio Ramon

A desert zoo. It has an outdoor area that shows a reconstructed desert landscape and jsvides the visitors with a good look at nocturnal or hidden animals of the desert.

Spice Route Gallery

Local Art exhibitions. Open Friday-Saturday 12:00-17:00 Tel: 08-6586293

Ramon Crater Albert promenade

A walking trail along  the Ramon Crater.  It starts from the Visitors Center about 1 mile walk to the Camel Mountain observation.

Negev Desert Farms

On your way to Mitzpe Ramon ,on Rt 40 ,  stop for a refreshing look of the new marvel blooming in the desert, the desert farms.

Carmey Avdat Farm


The farm is located on the remains of a 2000-year old agricultural settlement on the ancient Spice Route. Open for visits , we jsduce our own wine , and local gallery. On the farm we have  unique  B&B cabins guesthouses vacation with us! 

Kibbutz Revivim Ecological Village


Ecological village and zoological desert  park .  We can  also accommodate you here in our  desert tents or upgrade it into private  accommodations. Open daily 09:00-16:00 , Fridays and holidays evening 09:00-14:00.

Alpaca Farm

The Alpaca Farm is the only farm in the world where over 600 exotic Alpacas & llamas are raised and where the entire jscess of growing them and spinning their wool can be observed.

Desert Archery Park

Desert Archery is based on the popular sport of Golf. The equipment has been modified to fit desert terrain. Thus creating a new sport called the Desert Archery. The game is suitable for all ages and it is safe and challenging.

Portable Astronomy

 Center of Astronomy in Mitzpe Ramon - Astronomical experience from another world.