Mitzpe Ramon a jewel in the Negev Desert, Israel


Mitzpe Ramon Negev Desert Tour Center
Mitzpe Ramon is located on the edge of Ramon Crater in the heart of the Negev Desert about 80 km south of Beer-Sheva and 140 km north of Eilat.    The distance from major sites makes Mitzpe Ramon a perfect tour center for those that seek to explore the desert sites in Israel . The clear unpolluted air  and the altitude of Mitzpe Ramon makes it a great place for star gazing. Hikers and bikers will find here an interesting challenges and there  are   reasonable accommodations here for all :Guest House, Campground, B&B and hotels, see our  Hotels Guide .

Karkom -  Jeep Tours in the Negev Desert center is in Mitzpe Ramon. From here we tour the main sites of the Negev Desert, which areaRamon Crater Mount Karkom  Zin Valley  Spice Route . For more information about tour sites in Mitzpe Ramon see our  Mitzpe Ramon Map.

The best weather in Israel? In Mitzpe Ramon off course!
You biggest surprise that will capture your attention is the comfortable weather in Mitzpe Ramon. Although its a desert the temperatures here all year long are moderate. This is due Mitzpe Ramon elevation about 900 m above sea level. In the summer air temperature never rises above 35C degrees in comparison to Eilat or the Dead Sea which rises to above 45c. At night you will need warm covers. The winter in Mitzpe Ramon is cold and once in a while its snowing here.   See comparison of weather comfort levels in Israel:








Mitzpe Ramon
freezing dry
cold, dry
warm humid
hot, dry

Mitzpe Ramon then

Mitzpe Ramon was founded by Hagai Avriel, a leader of 17 "nuts - their historical name"  that founded the "Mitzpe Ramon Cooperative" in 1955. The idea than was to build a new kibbutz in the Negev Desert that will be based on industry and not agriculture. The industry that they envisioned were the quarries  in the Ramon Crater. The beautiful Ramon Crater was considered also a gold mine that were waiting just to be dug out.

This idealistic group was dismantled after 1 year and the IDF took the responsibility of keeping the project alive. In order to increase population and employment the IDF moved its army officer school to Mitzpe Ramon but shortly  after, the no luck syndrome hit again,  in 1967 the " 6 days war" erupted and it disrupted the planning for other urging issues. Mitzpe Ramon was almost deserted again and for many years lived here about 2000 people.

 Population fluctuation in Mitzpe Ramon was strong due to  lack of employment in the region . In 1998 the immigration from Russia to Israel increased Mitzpe Ramon population to 5,500 and gave new hope for Mitzpe Ramon future.  It now becomes a Negev Desert tourism center with the Ramon Crater as its core.


Mitzpe Ramon today

In last few years the  thinking about the future of Mitzpe Ramon changed. The old idea about the  quarries died and the realization of the true value of Ramon Crater emerged. From quarry town it swung into a town that borders the unique natural treasure - the Ramon Carter. Mitzpe Ramon turned into a world attraction with its Ramon Crater - the biggest and only erosion crater in the world. Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev Desert turned into a nature wonder!

Few reasons brought this blessed change and they are: The uniqueness of Ramon Crater natural treasure, the expanding desert here began attracting population from Israel center that are searching for simplicity and want to escape the modern pollution , the comfortable weather  without humidity

  Mitzpe Ramon employment
Mitzpe Ramon Employment

and more... The main employers in the area are still services and not productive enterprises but it is changing and there is hope!.