Follow animals jeep tour Negev Desert, Israel
The Moon Venus and Jupiter glittering in the desert sky

Jeep Tour the Desert at night


The stars glitter in the desert for you 330 nights  a year.  The night is the kingdom of the unknown and it excite our senses.  In early days the sky and the stars were believed to be gods. The moon in Mesopotamia was main god and was considered  responsible for all life on earth. In early days the proximity of planets to the moon were a sign of trouble and were documented to prevent disaster. In our tour we will get to know all these early stories and players of the skies an we will get to understand our magic world .For jeep tour reservation  send us email


The jeep tour begins in Mitzpe Ramon or Sde Boker. Tour time is 21:00 we can adjust it at your convenience. In this tour we will explore the desert and the skies  The tour is interesting and easy and is suitable for all ages. 



Tour starts


Tour length


Desert Nights 3.0 hours night  tour in  desert 3.00 hr