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The Spice Route tour expands through 2 stations on the historical trade route, from Ein Saharonim in the Ramon Crater to Moa in the Arava valley. Its a scenic and historical tour that traces a small section of the Spice Route from the Negev Highlands to the Arava Valley. These is a continuum of a biblical and panoramic scenes that you will pass in one day and a opportunity to retrace the Nabatean history  with all its glory.

The Spice Route was one of the main trade routes of the ancient world that connected the Roman Empire with Asia. it crossed the Arabian and the Negev deserts thorough Petra , the Nabatean capital and continued  to Gaza port on the Mediterranean shore. The Spice Route derives its name from the exotic spices like the Frankenscene and  Myrrh , that were traded here  by the Nabateans . The Nabateans , the Desert Masters , ruled the entire region for about 1000 years.  They  build along the Spice Route service stations to the caravans: Inns,  water storage facilities , forts and a complete road systems.

Our Jeep Tours
We run a series of  tours that expands through a small section of the historical Spice Route. Our basic tour is 1 day jeep tour which is spans across 2 Nabatean stations , out of a total of 65 stations. On this tour we will retrace the past and visit these stations and see the Nabatean achievements in the Negev Desert . Its a historical and nature tour  suitable for all ages. We offer a variety of tours along the Spice Route that can be combined from our basic tours. These tours can be extended up to 3 days tours at a comfort level that suit you. ( camping to hotels in the area ) .See our tour list:



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Spice Route

Spice Route Negev Desert Israel

1 day



Avdat city your Negev Desert Israel

1 day



 Petra tour in Jordan

1 day



1 day Spice Route in Israel and 1 Day Petra

2 days


 3 days tour

 1 day Avdat tour + 2 day tour - Israel - Jordan

3 days

Tour Map - Spice Route

Our tour begins in Mitzpe Ramon and spans 2 stations, Caravan Inns,   along the Spice Route which are: the Ramon Crater in the Negev Highlands and Moa in the Arava Valley.

The tour crosses the scenic panoramas of the Negev Desert as it descends from a height of 900 meters to a sea level. The Spice Route crosses the Negev Highlands through the river beds of the Nekarot and Omer rivers. It is a scenic and historical trip that begins in the nature window of Ramon Crater and continues through the impressive canyon ,wadi, of Nekarot river and the flint plateau of Katzera.


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